01. Frank is a writer of detective novels, and has [published] over 10 best-sellers.
02. His book was rejected by a number of [publishers] before finally being accepted.
03. She has [published] a number of important papers in a leading medical journal.
04. Author Stephen King's [publication] of his novel as a serialization on the Internet was a miserable failure.
05. Monday Magazine is [published] weekly in Victoria.
06. In 1905, Albert Einstein [published] five scientific papers that fundamentally changed our understanding of space, time, light and matter.
07. Her latest book of poetry will be [published] in May of this year.
08. In addition to writing many popular songs, John Lennon [published] two books of prose.
09. [Publish] or perish has long been the reality of the university professor.
10. Anyone writing a letter to the New York Times has one chance in 21 of having the letter [published].
11. The story of Bambi was originally [published] in 1929 in German.
12. A new book is [published] every 13 minutes in America.
13. "Anne of Green Gables", by Lucie Maud Montgomery, the story of a little red-haired orphan of Prince Edward Island, was first [published] in 1908, and is considered by experts to be the best-selling Canadian book of all time.
14. In 1507, the first map of the earth was [published] showing the Western Hemisphere.
15. In the 1530s, a printing press was set up in Mexico City, and the country's first newspaper was [published] there in 1541.
16. The results of the experiment were [published] in a prestigious science journal.
17. Hans Christian Andersen [published] his first collection of stories in 1829.
18. Van Wyck Brooks once suggested that no man should ever [publish] a book until he has first read it to a woman.
19. A researcher recently found an [unpublished] manuscript by Ernest Hemingway.
20. After years of rejection, he finally found a [publisher] for his book.
21. The magazine [publishes] a different mystery story each month.
22. He has sent his book to a few [publishing] companies, but hasn't received any replies as of yet.
23. In the 1880s, French monks at Solesmes began to [publish] facsimile editions with commentaries of the sources of Gregorian chant.
24. [Publications] with instructions for playing musical instruments began to appear in Europe by the sixteenth century.
25. A recent report [published] by the UN warns that 70% of the natural world will be destroyed over the next half century.
26. His book is in the final process of being edited and should be ready for [publication] within a month or so.
27. The university library subscribes to hundreds of different journals and academic [publications].
28. The [publication] of each Harry Potter book is a major event in the world of children's literature.
29. His newest book will be ready for [publication] in a matter of weeks.
30. [Publication] of the professor's new textbook has been delayed by recent important developments in his field of expertise.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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